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Landing BIG Gifts is a Skill

Development is a skill

No one is born knowing how to raise money - they all learned how to do it.  As with most skills, to varying degrees,  fundraising can be mastered.

The likelihood is an entry level nonprofit staffer will find themselves learning all about walks, runs, dinners, galas, raffles, t-shirt corporate sponsors, annual funds, foundations, and selling something or other. 

Does this describe your organization?  If it does then you haven't learned the highest return on investment in fundraising - major gifts (big gifts). The problem is  most organizations don't do BIG Gifts well - if at all. 

BIG Gifts come from structured, continual cultivation of donors for major gifts, planned gifts, and capital campaigns - NONE of which are listed above. That is why many fundraisers don't learn how to raise significant dollars.

 If you want to acquire the skills to cultivate and land BIG Gifts you are in the right place!  Developing BIG Gift skills and landing BIG Gifts is what we do best!  

We train, coach, and partner with you to develop your BIG Gift skills.

Are you a CEO/Executive Director/Board-member of a nonprofit organization? You may be surprised to know that the future effectiveness or survival of your organization is dependent on the skills of your development staff. 

Funding - not "good works" -  is the most important function of your organization. The level of funding determines the effectiveness of the "good works" or  if the good works happen at all.

Your organization deserves quality fundraisers.  If you don't have them - there are 2 ways to get them: 

  •       Buy skill sets in the form of seasoned professionals                                 
  •       Grow the skill sets from within your organization 

Either way it requires a monetary investment in people.

If you believe ,as many do, that raising significant, sustainable dollars to support your organization is best accomplished by growing skill sets within your organization  then we are glad you are here.

That is what we do best - BIG Gifts and BIG Gift skill building.

Just over 18 years ago, I volunteered and was invited to present to a national development conference in Anaheim, Ca.  A bit nervous, I arrived  early.

As the start time drew near the room began to fill. As I was introduced the room was packed, people lined the walls, in some places several people deep.  Why? I was an unknown. 

The topic was on target. The crowd didn't leave. I did a good job. The crowd learned and had fun. I had fun. I was hooked. 

In person or live online - the formula hasn't changed:

  • Topics on target
  • Quality, professional instruction
  • Have fun doing it

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